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Quality for more than 50 years. Most advanced production processes with CNC controlled turning and milling centres, highest depth in production and skill and experience for decades guarantee a quality of our numbering machines which exceeds the requirements of the printing industry. A computer controlled hardening and chromium/ nickelplating guarantee a constant hardness and nickel and chromium coat.

LEIBINGER Rotary Numbering Machines. Straight or convex, 7 or 9 digits in engravings 3/16” Gothic, 1/4” Gothic, Farrington 7B, engravings 115, 116, etc.

Rotary numbering machines for encodingE.g. numbering of cheques from 7 to 43 digits with the MICR engravings E13B and CMC-7 as well as the OCR engraving OCR-A1, A3 and A4 and OCR-B1, B3 and B4.

Numbering of lottery tickets Special engravings with lateral font, below or inside.

Barcode numbering machines In all requested designs, e.g. for documents of DHL, Federal Express, EMS, etc.

Special designs With special sequences, skipping, repeating, with pre-inking device, with lockout feature for the non-automatic wheels, front gib locking system, modulus systems weighted and non-weighted, etc.

Accessories Cams, mounting rings, strike-in blocks, etc..
Mounting ring solid with scaling
Mounting ring split
Special Machines
  • solid
  • split
  • with window
  • with segment and pneumatic cylinder


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